Feeding the world sustainably starts with the genetics of your livestock 

Make better breeding decisions based on your data with cutting-edge genetics, strategic economic analysis, and the latest agtech developments

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Dr Tim Byrne and Dr Katarzyna Stachowicz visiting a dairy farm in Poland

Dr Tim Byrne and Dr Katarzyna Stachowicz working on the Polish Dairy Selection Index


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You want to respond to climate change. 

You want to respond to consumer choice.

And you want better business outcomes.

These goals aren’t mutually exclusive.
In your experience, they depend on one another.

  • Healthy, resilient livestock needs fewer resources to produce greater yields.
  • A smaller environmental footprint helps you stay
    ahead of the policies that are pressuring your industry.
  • Which means you’ll see significant savings on pharmaceuticals, feed, and operations. And worry less about environmental fines and compliance.

All of this is within reach when you use mathematical genetics, digital technologies, and economic insights to unlock value that just didn’t exist before.


“Which genetic traits will REALLY make a difference?”

The days of breeding for beauty and traditional standards are over. Because the performance of your livestock means so much more now. You want to help feed the world, reduce emissions, and offer the produce people are asking for.

  • Achieve higher, reliable yields with more efficient resource use
  • Decrease the CO2, methane, or nitrogen emissions of your herds — or even the entire industry
  • Increase feed efficiency
  • Improve animal health and welfare
  • Depend less on antibiotics
  • Run a more profitable business by aligning with consumer and market requirements


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Map showing that AbacusBio have worked in USA, Canada, UK, Republic of Ireland, Poland, Tanzania, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Australia and New Zealand
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Sustained and crucial support from AbacusBio

“ICBF and the Irish cattle breeding industry have benefited greatly from the excellent work provided by AbacusBio over the last 20 years. Their expert technical skills and industry knowledge, coupled with a unique preparedness to “think outside the box” in applying science-based solutions to real-life practical problems has been a major component of ICBF’s genetic improvement services since it was established in 2000.”

Andrew Cromie

Technical Director, Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF)

Everything's been on time and on budget

"We’ve always had a very good working relationship with AbacusBio. What they've done for us has been fantastic and I’d hate to imagine trying to do what we do now without the work that they have completed for us."

Ramon Williams

Grain-fed Operations Analyst, JBS Foods Australia

Incredibly fast turnaround

“I think in September the Board of Directors approved the project. In the following June, we launched new selection indexes. Which is incredible.” 

Steve Miller

Director of Genetic Research, American Angus Association (2016-2020)


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You’ll be pleased to know there’s no homework to get started

You may have done lots of research we can draw on already.
Maybe you’re just starting to explore the possibilities. Either way,
now is the time to take advantage of our expertise.

Right from the start, you’ll learn exactly which steps you can take to systematically collect better, more uniform data.

So you can let the facts show you how to outperform your competition, protect the environment, and respond to what customers want.

Cut through the complexity of your data.

Identify what’s truly essential.

Engaging experts made our task simpler

“AbacusBio’s consultancy has energized employees, provided focus to our mission, and helped us understand how to achieve that mission, in the context of genetic improvement and knowledge transfer.”

John Yates

CEO, British Texel Society

Breed the livestock
the world needs

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